Videos for Invited Talks at SC16

The Supercomputing conference 2016 was organized during Nov 13-18 2016 at Salt Lake City, Utah. This page lists the video recordings of the Invited talks.


  • Charlie Catlett – Understanding Cities through Computation, Data Analytics, and Measurement

  • Janice Coen – Advances and Challenges in Wildland Fire Monitoring and Prediction

  • John McCalpin – Memory Bandwidth and System Balance in HPC Systems

  • Kristin Persson – The Materials Project – A Google of Materials

  • Maria Klawe – Diversity and Inclusion in Supercomputing

  • Masaki Satoh – A Super High-Resolution Global Atmospheric Simulation by the Non-Hydrostatic Icosahedral Atmospheric Model

  • Sadasivan Shankar – Co-design 3.0 – Configurable Extreme Computing, leveraging Moore’s Law for Real Applications

  • Sharon Bertsch McGrayne – Bias: From overt to unconscious and what research suggests can be done


  • Tammy Kolda – Parallel Multiway Methods for Compression of Massive Data and Other Applications

  • Thomas Schulthess – Reflecting on the Goal and Baseline for Exascale Computing

Thomas Sterling – HPC Runtime System Software for Asynchronous Multi-Tasking

  • Tom Theis – Beyond Exascale: Emerging Devices and Architectures for Computing

Reference: The SC16 page for invited talks